Lobby at Mitchell’s Pharmacy now open

Thanks to Louisiana Governor, Jon Bel Edwards, declaring that the state would move into Phase 3 of the mandated Coronavirus protocol you can once again go inside Mitchell’s Pharmacy. For months the only way business could be conducted was by using the drive through windows, which resulted in many times having to wait in long lines that wrapped around the building . To say the required protocol was frustrating is an understatement. 

“I am very glad to see that we are getting back to some sort of normality,” said owner Dwayne Mitchell. “I want everyone to know how much my staff and I appreciate our customers for their support and patience during these trying times.”

As with virtually every businesses across the state, shelves remained stocked full of items as inventory was hard pressed to be moved with no one allowed to go inside. While the situation caused financial problems Mitchell said he understood that there was really no other choice to be made.

“Our business, just like every other in the state, has suffered through hard times during the pandemic,” said Mitchell.  “There was really no other way to handle the situation though in order for everyone to stay safe as possible.”

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