“Lexi’s Closet ” at Weston High featured in KNOE-TV8 documentary on April 16th

This past Friday, KNOE-TV8 ran a heart warming and touching tribute to Lexi Wise and the efforts that Weston High School has done in memory of the 10-year-old who tragically was killed in an ATV accident in 2019. Below is a reprint of the article. 

If you drive down Louisiana Highway 4, you’ll eventually come across Weston High School. A high school with pride and strength like no other. From the outside, Weston High looks like any other high school but on the inside…the teachers, students, and parents fill the halls with love. Lexi Wise passed away on November 8, 2019. Lexi and her friend got into an accident while riding ATV’s after school. She was only 10-years-old.

“She was really kind and always cared, and always cared about others. More about others than herself,” said Abram Toms, a classmate of Lexi Wise.

Lexi’s mom Pam Wise said there was always something special about her.

“We just always said that there was something just so special about her because she was, she was so caring, and that is what stands out the most,” said, Pam Wise. “It’s astounding sometimes how thoughtful she was of others more so than herself, for Christmas she wrote on her list one time she hoped Jesus had a good birthday,” said Lexi Wise’s dad, Toby Wise.

Lexi Wise passed away on November 8, 2019. Lexi and her friend got into an accident while riding ATV’s after school. She was only 10-years-old.

“I was in shock. I mean we had just, she went to a friend’s house, I mean it was her best friend…it was just a freak accident,” said Pam.

A tragedy no parent should have to go through quickly became Toby and Pam Wise’s reality.

“It’s been hard and honestly, I believe God’s just given me strength,” said Pam Wise.

Her parents said she was the most energetic and compassionate 10-year-old.

“Very thoughtful, always happy…” said Toby Wise. “That’s what most people said after she passed, they just remember the kindness, and that was the resounding theme that kept coming back, was just how kind she was.” 

But most of all, Lexi loved to help others.

“She would come home and say, “Oh mom, this one kid is making fun of this other kid, and I always told her ‘Lexi you treat people the way you want to be treated and that’s the way she was. I mean she always, if she had snacks she wanted to share, she didn’t grab one, she grabbed three or four,” said Pam Wise.

During last Christmas break, Lexi’s mom Pam had an idea to create a closet filled with supplies for the less fortunate students as a way to honor Lexi and what she loved to do most, give back.

“I feel like God just laid it on the heart… it just came to me. Me and my mom were talking, and we were like, you know, we should start something to help kids because that’s what she enjoyed doing,” said Pam Wise.

Pam mentioned the idea to Weston High School’s art teacher, Cyndi Beaubouef who had some of Lexi’s older siblings in class years ago.

“She’s such a caring person. Full of energy and loves kids. She was the perfect person to help get it off the ground. And she was so excited because when I first mentioned it I didn’t really know if it was a possibility and her face just lit up and she was like, I love it,” said Pam Wise.

Beaubouef wanted to surprise Lexi’s parents with a closet full of love so she rounded up some of Lexi’s classmates and got to work.

“It was crammed packed with every discard from the school from floor to ceiling and my high school students cleaned it out. They purged it, swept it, cloroxed it, and disinfected it, and then when they got it completely done they worked with Lexi’s friends in the sixth grade to paint it her favorite color but they worked tirelessly, they never told me no,” said Beaubouef.

Lexi’s closet is a place where any student can go to get supplies they may need, like toiletries, backpacks, clothes, and shoes. Supplies for the closet are bought with money Lexi’s friends raise during bake sales and are also donated from people in the community. Recently, students raised $2,500.

“Me and my friends decided that she was so kind we wanted to raise money for the closet,” said Toms.

Beaubouef and her students, like Abram Toms, worked hard to bring Lexi’s closet to life.

“This is something she would’ve loved to be a part of,” said Toms. “It’s giving to people who are in need, and she loved to do that.” 

The spirit of giving is so much, they have already outgrown the closet space. Beaubouef said soon they will be expanding and may even need their own building.

“I’ve talked to principals throughout the parish and told them what we were doing, so we’re ready to meet their needs too,” said Beaubouef.

Beaubouef said the last few years have been difficult for the Weston High staff and students but the forming of Lexi’s closet has helped bring some peace to their community by honoring Lexi’s memory.

“These kids have known more than most adults have, but they’re still smiling they’re still giving and they’re here every day ready to work hard,” said Beaubouef. “I just feel like we feel her every day. When the sun is beautiful, I feel like the days we help the most kids, the sun is the brightest.” 

Lexi’s spirit shines brightly throughout the halls of Weston High School. If you want to lend a helping hand, you can drop off your donations at Weston High School.





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