Wyatt and Wilkerson win Jonesboro Fire Department Water Ball Fight

Tim Wyatt and Kyle Wilkerson took first place in the inaugural Jonesboro Fire Department “Water Ball Fight” held this past Saturday, April 17th. The fun competition had opposing teams attempt to move a cask in the air that was attached to a cable by shooting it with a stream of water in a style similar to a tug of war.  The winner was declared when the cask was moved to the opposing teams base. Coming in second was Wayne Anderson and Matt Whitman. While the event was entertaining for all who participated and witnessed it also held training value in the maintaining and use of a high pressure fire hose so that the applying of a directional flow of water is most accurate while assisting with fires.

Water ball fight contestants:

Team 1: Kyle Wilkerson and Tim Wyatt
Team 2: Kelly Sha and Todd Lamkin
Team 3: Brandon and Braydon Brown
Team 4: Joey Norton and Kyle Robinson
Team 5: Matt Whitman and Wayne Anderson
Team 6: Lacey Brown and Phillip Brown
Team 7: Dustin Siddon and Halee Siddon
Team 8: Aaron Blalock and Michelle Mullins

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