Chatham Town Council calls for Public Hearing on May 11th

At their regularly scheduled April monthly meeting the Chatham Town Council called for a Public Hearing regarding the Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance (FDPO) and an Ordinance pertaining to the Clerk’s salary to be held on Tuesday, May 11th at 5:30 pm at the Chatham Town Hall.

Board members Toni Malone, Marvin Davis, Laverne Mixon, Sue Proffer and Mike Wilson unanimously agreed on the date after introducing Ordinance 2021-02 which will amend Ordinance 12-145 of the FDPO and Ordinance 2021-03.

In additional action witnessed by visitors John Mize, Dwight & Judy Cooper, Huglan Cowan, Brenda Williams, Katy Mixon and Chatham Mayor Gregory Harris, the council voted to rescind Resolution 2021-04 that pertains to the Flood Act and adopt Resolution 2021-08 agreeing to participate in the National Flood Insurance Program. 

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