Fifth grader, Jastyn Jordan of Quitman wins D.A.R.E. Essay Contest

The best way to describe fifth grader, Jastyn Jordan, is that she is “wise beyond her years”. Another way to refer to the outstanding young lady who is in the elementary school at Quitman High is she is the 2021 D.A.R.E. Essay Winner after submitting a heart warming, informative and inspiring account she entitled MY D.A.R.E. Experience. See below for Jordan’s submittal that she penned in March of this year leading to her being honored on May 13th by Jackson Parish Sheriff Andy Brown. 

My D.A.R.E. Experience

by Jastyn Jordan

Did you know that drugs and alcohol are very addictive and can hurt your body? For example alcohol weakens the heart muscles and reduced the amount of blood pumped from the heart. And drugs can cause heart disease and they can dry your skin, causing more wrinkles. Because of D.A.R.E. classes, I have learned many helpful lessons, I have used the D.A.R.E. Decision -making model and I plan to use what I have learned to make safe and responsible choices in the future. 

First, I have learned many lessons in D.A.R.E. such as how to respond to bullying. I have learned about the five W’s, who, what, when, where and why. The who is the first and it tells who the person is. The what is second and tells what they are doing. The when is third and it tells when it is happening. And the why is the fifth and it tells why it is happening. These are the ways I have learned to report bullying.

Next, I have used the things I have learned in D.A.R.E. by trying to make better decisions. My Mom once asked me to fold laundry but i wanted to stay in the my room and play so I thought about D.A.R.E. I chose to make the decision and mind my mom Obeying my mom was the best choice because if I didn’t then I would get in trouble. Making decisions can be hard but D.A. R. E. helps make the best ones. 

Finally, I plan to use the D.A.R.E. Decision-Making model in many ways. I plan to use the D.A.R.E, decision making model to help teach other people how to be safe and responsible. I will use D.A.R.E. to communicate and respond to things. D.A.R.E. has helped me and I will use D.A.R.E. to make the world a better place.

Now you know how bad drugs and alcohol can be. This is what I have learned during D.A.R.E. , how I have used the D.A.R.E. Decision-making model and how I plan to use what I have learned to be safe and responsible in the future. In my opinion D.A.R.E. is like the chocolate on your pudding. D.A.R.E. has helped many people make good decision and it will help you also. 

As Jastyn says D.A.R.E has helped many people make good decisions. Her essay made selecting a winner the easiest decision of all. 

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