Police Jury posts agenda for regularly scheduled June 14th meeting

The Jackson Parish Police Jury has posted the agenda for the regularly scheduled June 14th meeting that will be held at 5:30pm at the Charles H. Garrett Community Center located on 182 Industrial Drive in Jonesboro. After the normal call to order, Invocation, Pledge of Allegiance and request for public comments the meeting will begin with the adoption of minutes from the May 10th, May 25th, and June 7th Jury Meetings, monthly purchase orders, and the payment of all bills.

Following will be the adoption of minutes from the May 5th Parish Cleanup Committee meeting, May 20th Finance Committee meeting, May 25th Project and Operations Committee meetings, May 26th and June 9th Grant Committee meetings  and May 28th Policy & Personnel Committee meeting. 

Stated items to be possible adopted are the earmarks for the first round of American Recovery Plan funding and the acceptance of the resignation of Mark Mobley from the Road Department effective May 28, 2021. The recommendation to re-classify Brad Self as a Specialty Equipment Operator – Level III with no change in pay rate and to amend the Organization Chart to eliminate the Road Supervisor Position is also scheduled. 

The board of Todd Culpepper, Lewis Chatham, Amy Magee, John McCarty, Tarneshala Cowans, Regina Rowe and Lynn Treadway  will then hear Management Reports from Jody Stuckey -Road Department; Robin Sessions – Solid Waste Department and Gina Thomas who will present the Financial Report. Paul Riley of the Riley Company of Louisiana will present the Engineering Report.

In additional business the jury will consider to act on the 2021 road program contract, naming an official journal, consider and act on a resolution to canvass the returns and declare the results of the special election from April 24, 2021. In final actions before the board acts on various Parish Board Appointments the Parish Attorney is expected to be asked to to a title search on Gansville Road from Industrial Drive to the Airport to determine ownership. 

Clarification of previous published statement: The JPPJ wants to clarify that a report that was published in the Jackson Parish Journal (JPJ) on June 9th. The JPJ stated Committee Chairperson, Amy Magee, proposed to move four laborers from the Solid Waste Department to the Road Department. That report was incorrect and the JPJ regrets any confusion this may have caused. The action that actually has taken place is that one general laborer has been moved to the Maintenance Department. Another possible move will be assessed at the end of the month but no action has yet been taken. 

Committee meetings set for Tuesday, June 15th: Beginning at 4:30 pm the Economic Development, Project and Operations Committees will meet at the Nathaniel Zeno Jr. Meeting Room of the JPPJ Administration Building, located at 160 Industrial Drive in Jonesboro.

Grant Committee earmarks ARP money:  The Grants Committee met Wednesday, June 9, 2021, at 12:00 PM in The Nathaniel Zeno Jr. Meeting Room, Jackson Parish Police Jury Administrative Building, 160 Industrial Drive, Jonesboro, Louisiana. Members present were Todd Culpepper, Amy Magee, and Tarneshala Cowans. 

The Committee discussed potential projects and investments for the American Recovery Plan funding.
Ms. Magee stated the need for the Committee to begin earmarking the funds for specific categories and
then adjustment along the way as more information is released and they see what the needs of the
Parish are.
Mr. Culpepper asked about the deadlines for the funding. The Secretary-Treasurer stated the next
round of funding would be in May 2022. She stated the Police Jury has until December 31, 2024, to
designate the funds and until December 31, 2026, to full expend the funds.
Ms. Magee noted that the municipalities would be receiving their own funding.
Ms. Cowans left the meeting.
The Committee discussed the deferred projects from 2020. Ms. Magee noted the projects for the
Courthouse HVAC system, the model bin sites, and the purchase of the land to expand the landfill.
Motion Mr. Culpepper, seconded Ms. Magee to recommend the Police Jury adopt the following
earmarks for the first round of American Recovery Plan funding, knowing that the amounts are subject
to change:
• Deferred Projects $500k
• Administration $300k
• Water Systems, Non-municipal Sewer Districts, and DEQ Projects $400k
• Technology Upgrades and Investments $100k
• Emergency Preparedness/Mitigation and Safety Upgrades $150k
• Tourism and Hospitality $50k

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