Town of Jonesboro 2021-22 budget revisions clarified

The Board of Aldermen adopted the fiscal year 2021-22 general, water and sewer budgets at their June 8th, regularly scheduled meeting. While their was no change in the estimated revenue of $3,407,700.00 there were certain areas of expenditures where revisions took place that while it didn’t really change the estimated outlay of expenses it did adjust where certain money would be spent. Below is a listing in general terms of what changes took place in each department from the originally proposed budget as submitted on worksheet.


Original budget: Lumped salary of all administrative personnel into one account code amounting to $135,200.00.
Revisions: Removed $50,000.00 from salary of administrative personnel that was not designated but paid to the position of Executive Assistant. Took salary of Tax Collector away from Administrative Department. Itemized salary of Town Clerk ($41,600.00) and Custodial staff (10,400.00) while creating new itemized position of Deputy Town Clerk with a salary of $33,280.00 with each receiving a separate code.
Result: Difference of $85,280.00 less allocated to Administrative Budget.


Original budget: Had budget of $593,925.00.
Revisions: Added position and salary of Tax Collector to Police Department to be paid at a rate of $18.00 per hour ($29,952.00) and be listed as a part time position which would negate the paying of any benefits. Added $10,000.00 that would have a Capital Outlay code.
Result: Increased Police Budget to $633,877.00 for an addition of $39,952.00


Original budget: Had $1,500.00 itemized as Alderman Travel in budget of $65,250.00
Revisions: Removed Alderman Travel code and cut out the $1,500.00 associated with it.
Result: Lowered Alderman budget by $1,500.00 to a new total of $63,750.00


Original budget: Shown to be $1,437,200.00. Little separation of individual salary line items.
Revisions: Established salary line items for clarifications identified as: Director Salary – $25,000.00, Utility Billing Clerk – $14,560.00 (this was consolidated from three people to two), Custodial – $5,200.00
Result: Increased amount of budget by $44,760.00 to new budget amount of $1,481,960.00


Original budget; Shown to be $2,338,922.00. Again virtually no separation of line salary items.
Revisions: Increased salary of Supervisor by $5,000.00. Clarified salary line items of Billing Clerk – $14,560.00, Custodial – $5,200.00 and Director Salary – $10,000.00
Result: Increased amount of budget by $34,760.00 to new budget amount of $2,373,682.00


Original budget: Shown to be $1,420.563. Street Supervisor salary listed as partial payments in other departments.
Revisions: Brought entire $37,440.00 salary of Supervisor into Street Department budget. Itemized Director Salary of $15,000.00
Result: Added $27,440.00 to budget bringing new total to $1,448,003.00


Public Works Director salary combination of itemized Director line items from water, sewer and street departments
Money moved out of Administration into Water, Sewer and Street Departments
Salary line items created in each department for better accounting control. 
Removal of Administrative Assistant position
Addition of Deputy Town Clerk position
Tax Collector position moved into Police Department budget
Reduction of three utility billing clerk positions into two
Roughly $20,000.00 saved in total budget expenditures

Fiscal year budget runs from June 30, 2021 to June 30, 2022


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