Jackson Parish Hospital enters into partnership with Culinary Services Group

Ever since their arrival four years ago, providing the best in patient care has been an objective of Jackson Parish Hospital CEO John Morgan and COO Dr. Jason Thomas. The advances made in such a short time have been near incredible through the implementation of some of the most advanced technology available such as Tele-Medicine for our parish schools, 3D Mammography, Artificial Intelligence assisted Computed Tomography and most recently the unveiling of a new futuristic patient wing.

Recently the patient care at JPH took another giant leap forward but this time it wasn’t through any type of new age technology. Instead it was through the improvement one of the more basic services the hospital has to offer, but one that plays no small part in helping patients heal. As of June 8th, patients and staff will have the opportunity to enjoy meals prepared by Culinary Services Group (CSG) and resident Chef John Mayer.

Since being founded in 2008, CSG has become one of the nation’s premier food management services companies that specializes in senior living, behavioral health and hospital food service preparation as evidenced by their inclusion in Food Management Magazine’s Top 50 list. In line with the continued pro-active movement by the JPH administration, their partnership with CSG is the first in the state of Louisiana.jackson-parish-hospital (1)

The difference in food service that CSG and Chef Mayer brings not only revolutionizes food service from a health standpoint but in a simple, old-fashioned attempt to make a patient’s stay as enjoyable as possible. What is now being served isn’t “hospital” food and certainly not in “hospital” fashion.

As an example, imagine you are a patient and it’s breakfast time. Instead of just bringing you your meal, now your Chef will present you with a menu that allows you to make such choices as having your eggs prepared the way you like. Want fried eggs today? Scrambled eggs tomorrow? Would you rather have grits as a side, or oatmeal or cream of wheat? Maybe you want just cold cereal or yogurt? Biscuits or toast? The choice is yours. If you think that’s something, you should see the lunch and dinner menus. If you’re hungry outside of one of the normal meal times, you can also order off the “Always Available” menu with meals such as salads, grilled cheese sandwiches, and hamburgers. Also, under Chef Mayer’s guidance, any type of specialty diet required by doctor’s orders during your stay will be prepared to perfection.

“I believe the intake of food designed to make a person healthier is vital in the healing process,” said Chef Mayer who brings 40 years of food service experience. “What is also important is that they enjoy what they are eating so that they will eat everything they are supposed to.”

Mayer brings another attribute to the proverbial “table” that normally one would hope to get from their Physician and not even consider coming from a food service preparer and that is a good “bed-side” manner.

“I feel it is important to make “rounds” just like a doctor does,” said Chef Mayer. “No one wants to be in a hospital and I want my patrons to know that we are trying to make things as comfortable as possible for them so they can focus on getting better. My hope and desire is that it makes a difference in the way they think of their stay.”

With a philosophy like that it is no wonder that CEO Morgan and COO Thomas, as well as the rest of the Jackson Parish Hospital administration and staff are excited to be now working with CSG and Chef Mayer. The partnership may be among two organizations but the way they both think is one and the same.

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