July 4th fire destroys uninhabited house on Hwy 505

It is expected to be able to see fireworks lighting the night sky on July 4th but residents that live on Hwy 505 between Weston High School and Walker Road got to witness a whole lot more than that and a lot earlier. What they viewed was a full scale fire early in the morning. 

Around 7:00 am on July 4th the Ward 4 Fire Department responded to a call about an uninhabited structure being on fire. Upon arriving the structure was found to be fully ablaze resulting in the front half of the house burning to the ground and the back half totally gutted before the fire was able to be put out. There were no injuries. As there was no electricity or gas lines hooked up to the structure and the owner of the structure was out of town the State Fire Marshall’s office was called in to investigate. 

“It is normal for us to be called in on a fire like this when there was nothing apparent that could have started the fire like possible problems with electrical wires or gas mains,” said Mark Treadway of Louisiana State Fire Marshall’s Office. “We investigate to try and determine what could have caused the fire but at this point no foul play is suspected.”

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