Jay Mallard Ford featuring 1.4 million dollar inventory in pre-owned vehicles

After several months of an almost empty lot, nowadays when you drive by the Jay Mallard Ford Dealership, located at 601 Hudson Avenue in Jonesboro, it is like it used to be. Once again you see lots of see beautiful cars and trucks for sale. Well almost.  The difference is that instead of new models the lot is full of pre-owned vehicles that at first glance, if you didn’t know better, you would swear that they were new. 

“We now have a little over 1.4 million dollars worth of pre-owned vehicles in inventory,” said Jonesboro Ford dealership owner Jay Mallard. “Right now we have as good a pre-owned selection as anyone anywhere.”

According to Mallard times have changed in regard to auto dealerships and their ability to showcase new vehicles. There are basically two reasons for this. First automakers don’t produce nearly as many new vehicles as they used to. Secondly the way people buy new vehicles have changed resulting in dealerships all across America having much smaller to virtually non-existent floor plans.

“Auto makers used to produce tons of vehicles that a dealer could put into inventory, but all that has changed now.” reflected Mallard. “Dealerships just don’t get the vehicles we used to so many are now ordering what they want instead of choosing what was on the lot.”  

As result, Mallard has adjusted the focus of his floorplan in order to offer local residents who want a great vehicle now instead of waiting from the best selection available.

“With the inventory we have it is a great time for someone to get a great deal on a vehicle that is almost good as new.” 


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