Free pill disposal offered by JP Ambulance Service District

Have you ever run across the situation where you didn’t need all the pills that had been prescribed to you? Chances are that if you look into your medicine cabinet you will find pill bottles that are out of date as many times a pill bottle is just pushed to the back when they aren’t being used anymore. 

There are dangers involved with this that could not only affect you but your loved ones as well. What would happen if you or a loved one took some medicine that was out of date or possibly in another bottle labeled for something else or fell into the wrong hands? Hopefully it would have no adverse effect but it could possibly cause illness or worse. So what can you do to get rid of outdated pill or medicine bottles or container?

Thanks to a free program offered by the Jackson Parish Ambulance Service District (JPASD) in Jonesboro, who in conjunction with the Deterra Company, you can now safely dispose of all old medicine. The way it works is you put all unwanted pills or medicine in a special packet from Deterra, add water and in a few seconds the medicine regenerates into a biodegradable mass. Then you can dispose of the packet safely in your trash.

To receive a packet simply call the JPASD at 318-259-2891 and make a reservation to come to their location at 115 Watts Street in Jonesboro, which is just behind the Jackson Parish Hospital. If elderly or have no means of transportation arrangements can be made for the JPASD to bring a packet to you. 

For drug disposal and safety tips you are recommended to send a text to ETELA at 95577.

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