Jonesboro Board of Alderman hear water/sewer project estimates at meeting on Tuesday

Engineer Brad Graff gave estimates for recommended water and sewage projects to the Jonesboro Board of Alderman at their special called meeting held this Tuesday, September 21sr at the Town Hall in Jonesboro. The meeting was called following the regularly scheduled town council meeting on September 14th to serve a two fold purspose. One was to learn the costs of the proposed projects and the other to further discuss the amended budget that was supposedly ratified in July still under dispute at the time of the meeting

The three Ordinances that dealt with the Water, Sewer and General budgets were finally passed but it was after press time. More details on that will follow in Sundays’ edition of the Jackson Parish Journal. What was learned was specific amounts on several water and sewer projects were presented by Engineer Graff who highly recommended that the town move forward on. This is due to value that the town would gain for a little amount of money compared to what would be provided by the various grants that are available from the state.  

“In all my years of working with water and sewer grants from the state, I have never seen where for a small matching amount that an entity could basically quadruple it’s money,” said Graff.

Graff opened his presentation by informing the town council of Devin Flowers, James Ginn, Robbie Siadek, Pete Stringer and Nia Evans-Johnson that the state of Louisiana has received 400 million dollars from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). This is to be designated for critical water and sewer infrastructure needs among various applying municipalities and entities to be given on a critical need basis scale. 

The deadline to apply for these grants is November 1st and the program requires a 25% match from the entity for every dollar that is received but Graff pointed out that the timing to apply for this could never be better for the town. 

“You have already received $800,000.00 from ARPA funds and are to receive another $800,000.00 next year,” said Graff. “This is a tremendous blessing as some of this money could be used to match any award that the town is given.”

Graff then identified specific water and sewarge projects that need to be considered:


Replacement of water meters – Jonesboro is losing thousands of dollars due to not being able to accurately determine the actual amount of water that is being used by customers due to the large number of water meters not working correctly. Replacement of these meters would ensure an increase in revenue 

Purchase and installation of 6 new generators – These would be installed at Water Wells #1, #2, #3, #5, #6 and at the Elevated Tank 

Completion of pumping station at Well #7 – This would take care of ongoing water pressure issues south of Jonesboro and ensure being able to take care of water needs at Correctional Center and Industrial Drive. 

Improvements to existing pump stations – This may not need to be included in future project list if RDA funding that has already been applied for is granted. 

Total cost for all Water Projects: $2,257,000.00
Required matching amount of funds to be paid by Town of Jonesboro: $564,250.00


Purchase and installation of required pumps at lift stations -Would ensure that there are two operational pumps at each station. Purchase of portable generator that could be used on demand also. This is required to ensure that a pump station can operate correctly. Currently almost all lift station only have one operation pump often times causing overflow problems.

Replacement of collapsed mains – Almost 3000 feet of 12″ pipe that are less than 10 feet under the ground is damaged or destroyed. Main areas are from 1200 feet of pipe from South Polk Avenue to lift station extension, 600 feet of pipe on North Cooper Avenue and 1000 feet of pipe that runs behind the Hospital.

Video inspection of over 20,000 feet of line – This would be accomplished by running a line through pipes with video camera attached to be able determine where “spot” repairs needs to be made in system.

Total cost for all Sewer Projects: $2,2000.000
Required matching amount of funds to be paid by Town of Jonesboro: $550,000.00




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