Operation Cleanup providing training opportunities for Jonesboro Fire Department

Operation Cleanup in Jonesboro is providing a two fold benefit. Not only is the burning of abandoned structures removing eye-sores to the community and making dangerous areas safer it is also providing invaluable training for the Jonesboro Fire Department. Continued efforts during this past year has resulted in many dilapidated homes and structures being destroyed and cleaned up to the praise of Jonesboro Mayor Leslie Thompson. 

“It is our goal to remove dangers for our residents and to continue to beautify Jonesboro,” said Thompson. “I am very appreciative of the Jonesboro Fire Department and the workers of the Town of Jonesboro for their tremendous efforts with this program.”

According to Jonesboro Fire Chief Brandon Brown many structures have already been burned and/or properties cleared with many more scheduled which is providing great training opportunities.

“This program has been invaluable for us in that we have been able to train our firefighters in real situations but without the dangers that go with emergency situations,” said Brown. 

Mayor Thompson and Fire Chief Brown invites any residents to contact either City Hall at (318) 259-2385 or the Jonesboro Fire Department at (318) 259-5028 if you have any structures that need to be removed of property to be cleared. 

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