Jay Mallard Ford donates two cars to Jonesboro Police Department

Jonesboro Police Chief, James “Spike” Harris is used to receiving calls requesting his presence. In almost every instance though, it is bad news. The one he got this past Thursday was different

“I almost fell out of my chair,” said “Spike.” “It was the best call I have ever gotten.”

On the other end of the line was Jay Mallard, owner of the Jay Mallard Ford dealership in Jonesboro.
The call went something like this….

Mallard – “Spike, I need you to come see me.”
Harris – “Sure, what’s up?” 
Mallard – “I have something for you.”
Harris – “What you got?”
Mallard – “I have two cars that I am giving to your department that I want you to see.”
Mallard – “Spike, are you still there?”

Harris was having trouble digesting what he was hearing. His first thought was that his good friend was pulling his leg. After all, it isn’t every day that someone calls to say they are giving you TWO CARS. Actually, no one had ever done something like this for him or his department.

Harris – “Let me make sure I am hearing you right. You are GIVING the department the cars?
Mallard – That’s what I said. When can you come by to look at them?”
Harris – “Don’t move! I am on my way.”

Just a few minutes later Harris pulled up in front of the dealership where two shiny Crown Victoria’s, already equipped as police cruisers, were sitting in the front.

When asked what prompted him to provide the Police Department with such a tremendous act of benevolence, the answer given by Mallard gives great insight into why the long time dealership owner is revered locally.

“All of their units are shot. They have been needed to be replaced for a long time now. I know because we are constantly working on them,” said Mallard. “I knew these two cars are in great shape and I wanted to help out.”

“Spike and his department do a great job, especially considering the limited amount of resources they have to work with,” continued Mallard. “I feel that as a business owner sometimes we need to step up and show our appreciation.”

Chief Harris certainly appreciates what Jay Mallard has done for his department and gave praise to Mallard for his dedication to the community.

“This is incredible. Talk about being a blessing, not only for our department but for everyone in Jonesboro,” reflected Harris. “We are lucky to have someone like Jay who has such a strong sense of commitment and loyalty to our town. He has helped make us all safer.”

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