Dipak and Gita Patel named Grand Marshal’s of Christmas Parade

Dipak Patel and his wife Gita, owners of the Budget Inn in Jonesboro, have been named Grand Marshals of the 2021 Christmas Parade, Part of the November 27th Christmas Wonderland in the Pines Festival that will take place on November 27th the parade will begin at 4:30pm followed by a fireworks display.
The selection is in honor of their faithfulness to the community where they have always given of themselves to the needs of Jackson Parish and tremendous benevolence they have demonstrated over the years.
Their continued effort of providing a warm welcome that always make weary travelers feel at “home away from home” has caused many to think positively of the time they have spent in Jonesboro. A prime example of their kindness to others is how they provided shelter and food to over 300 people from south Louisiana who were displaced by Hurricane Katrina despite their inability to pay.
“There were a lot of people in desperate need of shelter and food,” said Patel in an interview with the Jackson Independent in 2005. “We told them they were welcome to stay as long as they needed and if they could pay now that was fine but if they couldn’t then they could pay later when they got things straightened out. There were many families who stayed with us for over two months that my wife and I cooked for daily.”
It is not only travelers from afar that have benefitted from their generosity but locals who have needed refuge as result of a tragedy. The Patel’s have also always been gracious of their time and resources to the needs of the business community as well.
“I was raised to show hospitality to others,” added Patel in the interview. “My wife and I believe that no one should go hungry if we can help it and everyone should have a place to stay when the need it.”
A further example of how the Patel’s feel that doing for others is just something you are supposed to do was portrayed by Jackson Parish Chamber of Commerce Director Wilda Smith after informing the Patel’s that they had been selected as Grand Marshal’s.
“I have just visited with one of the most humble, caring individuals I have had the pleasure to know,” said Smith. “When I told Mr. Patel that they had been selected it meant so much to him it moved him to tears. He said he didn’t feel they were worthy of such an honor. The gratitude he expressed is just one of the reasons we couldn’t be prouder than to have him and his wife be the Grand Marshals of this year’s parade.”


Sugarplums & Vintage Marketplace named JPCC “Business of the Month” for November

(l-r) Andrea Malone, Relani Garrett, Salien Liles, Rachette Pardue, Glen Kirkland

The Jackson Parish Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce that Sugarplums & Vintage Marketplace has been named the “Business of the Month” for November. Located at 1672 South Hudson or better known as being on Hwy 167 South in Jonesboro the collaborated effort of providing unique treasures of the past is owned and operated by Salien Liles, Relani Garrett and Rachette Pardue.
The three sisters invite you to come browse their tremendous selection of antiques, memorabilia and unique items beginning at 10:00am Monday – Thursday. Curbside Pickup of items to be sold on consignment is also available as well as delivery of purchased items by calling (318) 395-5086.

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