Parent speaks out after her child injured due to unsportsmanlike play in high school game

editors note: During the Quitman vs Hicks boys basketball game in the Saline Tournament last weekend an unfortunate incident took place that ended up in Quitman player Ty Simonelli being injured. Below is response from the perspective of his mother April, who also coaches at Quitman High. 

Thank you all for the calls, messages and the prayers. Ty hit his head pretty hard tonight after a Hicks player flipped him over his back. JPH took great care of him and the CT scan was negative!

Now for what I want to say as a mama…ty simonelli 1

There is no room in sports for that kind of unsportsmanlike conduct. If you’re a coach and encourage or allow your players to disrespect the game of basketball and other players like that, you need to find a different career path. Ty could have been paralyzed or even killed in that one play tonight. Is that really worth winning one game in high school basketball??? Oh yeah and the Hicks player walked away while laughing. 

But on the other side of that same coin are coaches who do teach sportsmanship and worry more about what kind of people their players are becoming than points on the scoreboard. While this was all going on, our girls and Saline’s girls’ team stopped their pregame talk to come together to pray for Ty.

THAT is what it’s all about. So many Saline parents have messaged me checking on him and it means so much to me. We can be competitors on the court or in the field and still be caring and compassionate toward each other. Thanks again for all of the love and prayers for Ty

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