Spillway repair completed at Jackson Parish Golf Course

The Jackson Parish Golf Course has seen changes for the better over the last month with one project being completed and two others moving forward. The completed project is the repair of the spillway allowing the focus to be able to turned now to the building of a new golf cart shed and the clearing of timber that is a precursor to the planned additonal nine holes to be constructed. 

With the foundation of the spillway that runs through a dip in the road leading up to the golf course being unstable and starting to crack, a new concrete wall was embedded between the road and the lake and the road was repaved with concrete. 

In regard to the other two ongoing projects, unstable dirt was dug up and removed with new dirt more suitable for the base of the planned new golf cart shed expected to be placed soon. Also work is ongoing on the removal of timber from the northwest section of the golf course where the planned addtionial nine holes will be constructed.  

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