Forest Haven Nursing Home to celebrate Mardi Gras with “Krewe of Forest Haven”

Being residents of Louisiana, we would be remised if we were not to partake in Mardi Gras. On Tuesday March 1st at 2:00PM we will be holding a gathering for the “Krewe of Forest Haven.” On that day, groups can come and decorate their own table or vehicle in theme with Mardi Gras.

The event will be similar to the “Forest Fest” held in October and “Pop-up Christmas in the Forest” in December, which allowed the community to come and help us celebrate with the residents. We hope to make this as fun as if not more than our previous community involved activities and are hoping to have as many volunteers as we can. You may also make a donation for others to pass out.

To learn more, click here for a short video:

Groups are also asked to bring things to pass out to the Residents as they are brought around items such as, but not limited to, snacks, drinks, activity books, stationary, simple toiletries, socks or things to help one through the cold weather, and of course in Mardi Gras fashion beads.

The Covid pandemic has required us to be a bit more creative but we here at Forest Haven are always striving to provide the best care possible to our residents. Included in that is giving them fun creative outlets through a variety of activities. This can vary from multiple forms of Bingo, animal visits, groups coming to sing or put on performances, different crafts from painting and building things, or even throwing exciting parties themed after occasions in the month.

Anyone who wishes to participate are invited to join by calling (318) 259-2729 and speaking to the Activities Department to sign up for a parking spot. 


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