Jackson Parish Hospital observes National Kidney Awareness Month

The Jackson Parish Hospital is observing National Kidney Awareness Month by inviting you to get to know the role your kidney’s play in your overall health. To sum it up, there are four main areas about your kidneys that you should know.

What ways kidneys keep you healthy – (A) Regulates fluid levels (B) Activates Vitamin D for healthy bones (C) Filters wastes from the blood (D) Directs production of red blood cells (E) Regulates blood pressure (F) Keeps blood minerals in balance

Problems kidney disease can cause – (A) Nerve damage (B) Cardiovascular disease (C) Weak bones (D) Heart attack (E) High blood pressure (F) Stroke (G) Kidney Failure (H) Anemia

Risk factors – (A) Diabetes (B) Family history (C) High blood pressure (D) Age 60+

Symptoms – (A) Swelling in face, hands, abdomen, ankles and feet (B) Blood in urine, Foamy urine (C) Puffy eyes (D) Difficult, painful urination (E) Increased thirst (F) Fatigue


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