April Is Safe Digging Month in Louisiana

(By: Akemi Briggs)

BATON ROUGE, LA – Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards has proclaimed the month of April as “Safe Digging Month” in Louisiana as part of a nationwide safety awareness campaign to draw attention to the thousands of miles of buried infrastructure throughout the state and the importance of safe excavation.

It is extremely important that everyone dial 811 before they dig so that operators of underground utilities and pipelines can mark the location of buried lines to make them easier to avoid. Louisiana 811 answers these calls and notifies member operators of nearby underground facilities free of charge. Louisiana 811 provides the same service via the Internet at www.louisiana811.com

The issue is so important that state law requires all excavators and demolishers to notify Louisiana 811 before they begin work. The law applies to individuals as well as contractors, municipalities and others. Failure to call can subject the excavator to fines and liability for damages to buried infrastructure.

Whether you’re digging a garden, putting up a fence or building a highway, the first step is a call to 811 so professional locators can mark the location of buried lines. It is easy, free, and it helps prevent service interruptions and personal injuries.

· Call two full workdays before you begin.

· Wait for the site to be marked.

· Respect the marks.

· Always dig with care, especially near the marks.

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