Randell Moffett earns Forest Haven Resident Spotlight

The Forest Haven Resident Spotlight for April is Mr. Randell Moffett. “Randy” grew up in the Gainsville area and worked in the logging and timber industry. There wasn’t a piece of equipment associated with logging that Randy didn’t operate at one point or another.

Randy came to reside with us here at Forest Haven in 2007 and quickly integrated himself into the social community of our facility. He never misses a party or an outing and has numerous roommates over the years that he has gotten to know very closely. Randy feels that sharing a room with someone just “enlarges his family”, as he gets to know them personally.

Randy communicates and visits with his two sons, six grandchildren, and one great granddaughter via Facebook due to them living out of town. He also likes to spend time scrolling on his Facebook account to keep up with his other friends outside of the facility.

Next time you are at Forest Haven, stop by and visit Randy. I’m sure he would enjoy the visit!

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