4-H team from Gracepoint Christian Academy wins 3rd in state food challenge

Gracepoint Christian Academy in Jonesboro took 11 students to Alexandria on Wednesday, April 19th for the Louisiana 4-H Food Challenge competition. The three, shown in the banner above, competed in Division 2 made up of 7th-8th graders and came home as third place winners.  

Each team had 40 minutes to cook a dish and present it to judges. They also were required to calculate calories and cost for the meal created using a mystery ingredient prescribed by the judges and normal “grocery store” items.  From the ingredients, team members are challenged to create a healthy dish while practicing proper food safety, food preparation, and communication skills. 

The contest objectives were to develop and demonstrate: cooking skills, decision-making skills, stress management, critical thinking, and public speaking skills.
To use sound nutritional knowledge when planning meals.
To provide a competitive group cooking experience for 4-H members grades 4-12.  

Gracepoint Christian Academy 4-H Food Challenge Contestants

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