Youth league game scores and upcoming games schedule


Game results of May 12-13

Field 1 Results

VP Oil Change 10 Centric Fed Credit Union 7 (11-13 boys)
(VP Oil Change scoring) Tucker Goss 2, Hayden Seymore 2, Dawson Griffin 2, Gunner Fontenot 2, #3, Kypton Caskey (CFCU Scoring) Rylan Mauthe 2, Jayden Mendenhall 2, Braden Hardaway, Colt Guyotte

Johnny’s Pizza 7 Elite Roofing 6 (11-13 Boys)
(Johnny’s Pizza Scoring) Eli Henderson 2, Ty Henderson 2, Bryce Tolar, Liam Weaver, Kolt Keiffer (Elite Roofing Scoring) Conner Moak 2, Leyton Younse 2, Kobie Williams, Rylan

Elite Roofing 15 Castor 0 (11-13 boys)
(Elite Roofing Scoring) Conner Moak 2, Leyton Younse 2, Kobie Williams, Remi Upshaw 2, Cail 2, Deuce Waters, Gunner, Keistan Hearn, Jacob Henderson, Mason, Jake

Mercy Medical 15 Castor 1 (9-10 boys)
(Mercy Medical Scoring) Waylon Sullivan 2, Hoyt Prince 2, Caston Zimmerman 2, Raylon Bradford 2, Cason Rogers, Burch, Josiah Moss, Noah, Jake Culpepper 

Field #2 Results

Ables Farms 8 Traina’s Bakery 1 (9-10 Boys)
(Ables Farms Scoring) Ryder Diffey 2, Jake Emmons, Bentley Ponder, Jackson Ables, Ryan Sandifer, Jake Emmons, Shan Stallings, Jonah Morris, Roland Carpenter (Traina’s Bakery Scoring) Mason Thomas

Mercy Medical 10 HD Remodeling 9 (9-10 Boys)
(Mercy Medical Scoring) Caston Zimmerman 2, Raylon Bradford 2, Jaxon Culpepper 2, Graylon Hendricks 2, Drew Cantrell, Joseph Gill (HD Remodeling Scoring) Shepard Norred 2, Brayden Carmichael, Henry Underwood, Axel Coe, Dane Clifton, Spencer Strickland, Aiden Reed, Lukas Bandy

Uptown Tanning 15 5A Pump & Hose 2 (7 & 8 boys)
(Uptown Tanning) no names of players listed (5A Pump & Hose scoring) no names of players listed

Klassy Klean 14 Cubs 0 (7 & 8 boys)
(Klassy Klean Scoring) Jaxon Anderson 3, Eli Jones 3, Jeremiah Jones 3,  ndrew Edwards 2, Jase Tinsley, Grayson Edwards, Trey Wall (Cubs Scoring) none

(Jonesboro State Bank Scoring) Brook Craighead 3, Koplen Taylor 3, Grant Griffin 2, Andrew Seymore 2, Crux Nomey, Kutter Blaylock 2, Christopher Wren 2, Jase Reed, Barrett Smith, Clay Burton

Field #3 Results

4T Exterior Cleaning 15 Pardue Builders 7 (9-10 Girls)
(4T Exterior Cleaning Scoring) Teegan Hall 3, Gracie Gray 3, Tessa Reeves 3, Gracie Gray 3, Anna Phelps, Kamryn James, Allison Ramsey (Pardue Builders Scoring) Landry Horsfall 2, Mykenzie Maloy, Ava Canerday, Hannah Peoples, Alina Cook, Camryn Ashley

Family Pharmacy 15 Ruffled Feathers 9 (7-8 Girls)
(Family Pharmacy scoring) Ashlyn Petre 3, Hannah Aldy 3, Cadie Conn 3, Ainsley Bougues 2, Aubrie Allen 2, Adeline Anderson, Scarlett Parks, Carrington Bond (Ruffled Feathers scoring) Kate Keiffer 3, Ryliegh McCormick 2, Audrey Anderson 2, Presley Carpenter, Autumn Kohler

Barksdale Fed Credit Union 7 Grit & Grace 7 (7-8 Girls)
(BFCU Scoring) Abigail Sullivan, Raylie Hall, Charlee Mauthe, Rylie Christ, Lizzy Sullivan, Natalie Sullivan (Grit & Grace scoring) Charley Linton 3, Elliot Savage 2, Scarlett Aucoin, Halle Coody

Field #4 Results

Jonesboro State Bank 18 Cubs 9 (7-8 Boys)
Jonesboro State Bank Scoring) Grant Griffin 4, Andrew Seymore 3, Christopher Wren 2, Koplen Taylor 2, Brock Craighead 2, Clay Burton 2, Barrett Smith 2, Braxton Barnett (Cubs Scoring) Ridge Lewter 2, Mason Tolar 2, Hunter Williams 2, Grant Williams, Hudson St. Clair, Bentley Hall

Jonesboro State Bank 23 Castor 8 (7-8 Boys)
Jonesboro State Bank Scoring) Christopher Wren 4, Koplen Taylor 4, Cruz Nomey 3, Andrew Seymore 3, Brock Craighead 2, Grant Griffin 2, Barrett Smith 2, Braxton Barnett 2, Jase Reed

Schedule of Games

Thursday, May 19 

3-4 Wee Ball Mitchells Jonesboro State Bank T Ball 1 6:00pm
Grit & Grace Red Sox T Ball 2 6:00pm
Jim Neatherland Maxwells T Ball 1 7:00pm
Yankees Tigers T Ball 2 7:00pm
9-10 Boys Mercy Medical Traina’s Bakery Field 2 6:00pm
HD Remodeling Ables Farms Field 2 7:30pm
9-10 Girls Leach Lawn Care Pardue Builders Field 3 6:00pm
Bucketboat 4T Exterior Cleaning Field 3 7:30pm
11-13 Boys Centric Fed Credit Union Johnnys Pizza Field 1 6:00pm
Elite Roofing VP Oil Change Field 1 7:45pm
11-13 Girls Listle Real Estate Southern Kustoms Field 4 6:00pm
Barksdale Fed Credit Union Farm Bureau Field 4 7:45pm

Friday, May 20

5-6 Tee Ball Ryca Energy Peoples Bank T Ball 1 6:00pm
Jonesboro State Bank Six Point T Ball 2 6:00pm
Jonesboro Animal Clinic J&L Works T Ball 1 7:00pm
Cardinals Cubs T Ball 2 7:00pm
7-8 Boys 5A Pump & Hose Jackson Parish Hospital Field 2 6:00pm
Cubs Uptown Tanning Field 1 6:00pm
Jonesboro State Bank Klassy Kleen Field 2 7:30pm
7-8 Girls Barksdale Fed Credit Union Ruffled Feathers Field 3 6:00pm
Grit & Grace Family Pharmacy Field 3 7:30pm

Saturday, May 21

7-8 Girls Castor Ruffled Feathers Castor 9:00am
9-10 Girls Castor 4T Exterior Cleaning Castor 10:45am
11-13 Girls Castor Barksdale Fed Credit Union Castor 12:30pm

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