Multiple wrecks at Hwy 167/Hwy 4 intersection in Jonesboro cause injuries and snarl traffic

The ones that tend more to superstitious beliefs said it was because of the blood moon. The more practical said it was because of the malfunctioning red light and still others say it was just a plain case of drivers not being careful. 

Regardless of the reason, beginning late Thursday night and continuing on thru Friday, multiple wrecks took place at the intersection of Hwy 167 and Hwy 4 in Jonesboro that resulted in several people being injured, including two juveniles that were airlifted to LSU-Shreveport and another being hospitalized at the North Louisiana Medical Center in Ruston.

It all began on Thursday night when a three-car crash took place. Fortunately, there were no serious injuries resulting, but damage was done to the traffic light at the intersection causing it to blink red in all four directions. On Friday morning, Louisiana Department of Transportation & Development (DOTD) technicians arrived to repair the signal that resulted in the traffic light being totally non-working while they were doing repairs to the control box. 

It was during that time that an 18-wheeler collided with a four-door sedan that resulted in the auto being pushed off the road and ending up at the edge of the McDonald’s parking lot. First responders from the Jonesboro Fire Department, Jackson Parish Ambulance Service District, Jonesboro Police Department and Jackson Parish Sheriff’s Office quickly arrived to assist with the injured and control traffic, which was brought to a standstill in all four directions. 

Names of the injured parties or those involved in the accidents had not been released at press time. 

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