Season best scoring mark set in Tuesday Scramble at Jackson Parish Golf Course

A new season best low scoring mark of 24, which is 12 under par, took first place in the weekly Tuesday Scramble that is held at the Jackson Parish Golf Course. What makes the feat even more impressive is that normally scramble teams are comprised of five players, but this was done by the foursome of Dwayne “Snook” Harrell, Joey Pender, Paul Trosclair and Billy Moore. 

For those not familiar with how golf scramble scores are tabulated, all team members hit from the tee box and the then all hit again at the location of where the best shot of the bunch is. This continues until the ball is put in the hole. Each time the team hits from a location one stroke is counted against the team.

Each hole has a stroke value assigned to it which is what is called “par for the hole.” For example if a team takes four strokes to finish a hole and a par value of four was assigned to the hole then it is considered the team made “par” on the hole.

A nine-hole round, which is how the Tuesday Scramble is played there are five holes that have a par of four assigned, two that are considered par three’s and two more that are par fives. The total amounts to 36 strokes being considered “par for the round.”

If a team completes a hole in one stroke less than “par” it is considered as making a “birdie” on the hole. If they finish the hole two strokes less than the assigned par value it is given the distinction of being called making an “eagle” on the hole. When a round is completed in less stokes than the 36 par value assigned it is considered as playing the round “under par.”

Anyone who has played golf knows how hard it is to just make par on a hole. To make a birdie is a tremendous feat and to record an eagle is rare. To put into perspective of how impressive it is to shoot 12 under par, it means that the team made birdies on six of the holes and eagles on the other three. WOW!

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