Weston High School appreciative of grants received from Weyerhaeuser

Weston High School was the recipient of two monetary grants this year from Weyerhaeuser which was of great assistance to both the academic and athletic programs. With one grant, Mrs. Katie Delaney’s fifth grade class was able to purchase new tables and chairs. These were no ordinary tables. The tables purchased for her classroom are surfaced with whiteboard tops to allow students the capability to work their math problems on the top of the tables. These tables encourage collaboration among students and increase the thought process.

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The baseball team was also the recipient of a grant that helped improve the overall safety of competing in the program. The funds were used to purchase equipment such as dugout screens to block out sun and wind, L screens used in field hitting and batting cage practice, a designated hitter pitching dummy and new batting helmets.

WHS would like to thank Weyerhaeuser for its continued support of our school and community with these grants.

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