Youth league game scores and upcoming games schedule


Game results of May 19-20

Field 1 Results

Centric Fed Credit Union 7 Johnny’s Pizza 4 (11-13 boys)
(CFCU Scoring) Carter LaGrandier 2, Greg Hendricks 2, Rylan Mauthe, Emmanuel Hopkins, Brody Tucker (Johnny’s Pizza Scoring) Liam Weaver, Kolt Keiffer, Aiden Phares, Landon Fannin

VP Oil Change 9 Elite Roofing 4 (11-13 Boys)
(VP Oil Change scoring) Tucker Goss 2, Dawson Griffin 2, Gunner Fontenot 2, Cail King, Hayden Seymore, Krypton Caskey (Elite Roofing Scoring) Conner Moak, Aiden Rhodes, Asher Shultz, Kobie Williams

Cubs 13 5A Pump & Hose 0 (7-8 Boys)
(Cubs Scoring) scoring n/a

Johnny’s 15 Castor 0
scoring n/a

Field #2 Results

Traina’s Bakery 11 Mercy Medical 8 (9-10 Boys)
(Traina’s Bakery Scoring) Mason Thomas 2, Cannon Tatum 2, Jake Moak 2, Tripp McBride 2, Jensen Waggoner, Gunner Garrett, Croston Cummings (Mercy Medical Scoring) Raylon Bradford, Waylon Sullivan, Cason Rogers, Burch

Ables Farms 6 HD Remodeling 5 (9-10 Boys)
(Ables Farms Scoring) Hayden Essmeier 2, Bentley Ponder 2, Noah Spillman, Eli Lamkin, (HD Remodeling Scoring) Axel Coe 2, Aaron Lowe 2, Aiden Reed

Field #3 Results

Bucketboat 6 Pardue Builders 5 (9-10 Girls)
(Bucketboat Scoring) Isabella Blewer 2, Sky Watkins 2, Rachel Bandy Amelia Staggs, Julie Ford, Faith Burns (4T Exterior Cleaning Scoring) Anna Phelps, Amelia Staggs, London Burks, Rachel Bandy, Teegan Hall, Kamryn James

Ruffled Feathers 12 Barksdale Fed Credit Union (7-8 Girls)
(Ruffled Feathers scoring) Ryan Kate Wyatt 3, Kate Keiffer 3, Ryliegh McCormick 3, Presley Carpenter 3, Brelaina Hall 2 (BFCU Scoring) Kylee Ann Allen 2, Raylie Hall, Abigail Sullivan, Natalie Sullivan, Harley Jordan

Family Pharmacy 19 Grit & Grace 7 (7-8 Girls)
(Family Pharmacy scoring) Hannah Aldy 3, Ashlyn Petre 3, Ainsley Bougues 3, Adeline Anderson 3, Aubrie Allen 3, Madi Spillman 2, River Waggoner (Grit & Grace scoring) Halle Coody 2, Charley Linton 2, Scarlett Aucoin, Emma Gray, Elliot Savage

Field #4 Results

Listle Real Estate 10 Southern Kustoms 10 (11-13 Grils)
(Southern Kustoms Scoring) Alivia Anderson 2, Molly Beaubouef 2, Timberly Wilson, Gabby Edwards, Sienna Box, (Listle Real Estate Scoring) Jade Cook 2, Malena Listle 2, Marie 2, Ralieigh Medaries 2, Tu-Tu, Genna Ford

Barksdale Fed Credit Union 14 Farm Bureau 4 (11-13 Girls)
(BFCU Scoring) Carlynn Waters, 2, Lily Jones 2, Brenna Lamkin 2, Adysen Breeland 2, Avery Watson 2, Emma Toms, Brenna Lamkin, Demi (Farm Bureau Scoring) Breelyn Boone 2, Kaylee Friday 2, 

Uptown Tanning 12 Cubs 11 (7-8 Boys)
(Uptown Tanning Scoring) – Caleb Robinson 3, Thatcher Savage 3, Carter Kelley 2, Asher Norred 2, Maddox Graham, Chance LeMoine (Cubs Scoring) Grant Williams 2, Ryder Pardue 2, Ridge Lewtor, Mason Tolar, Bentley Hall, Baylor Garrett

Schedule of Games

Thursday, May 26 

3-4 Wee Ball Jim Neatherland Jonesboro State Bank T Ball 1 6:00pm
Grit & Grace Tigers T Ball 2 6:00pm
Mitchells Red Sox T Ball 1 7:00pm
Maxwells Yankees T Ball 2 7:00pm
9-10 Boys HD Remodeling Traina’s Bakery Field 2 6:00pm
Ables Farms Mercy Medical Field 2 7:30pm
9-10 Girls Bucketboat Pardue Builders Field 3 6:00pm
4T Exterior Cleaning Leach Lawn Care Field 3 7:30pm
11-13 Boys VP Oil Change Johnny’s Pizza Field 1 6:00pm
Elite Roofing Centric Fed Credit Union Field 1 7:45pm
11-13 Girls Southern Kustoms Farm Bureau Field 4 6:00pm
Listle Real Estate Barksdale Fed Credit Union Field 4 7:45pm

Tuesday, May 27

5-6 Tee Ball Ryca Energy Braves T Ball 1 6:00pm
Jonesboro State Bank Astros T Ball 2 6:00pm
Jonesboro Animal Clinic David Mauthe Trucking T Ball 1 7:00pm
Cardinals A’s T Ball 2 7:00pm
7-8 Boys 5A Pump & Hose Jonesboro State Bank Field 2 6:00pm
Jackson Parish Hospital Cubs Field 1 6:00pm
Klassy Klean Uptown Tanning Field 2 7:30pm
7-8 Girls Grit & Grace Ruffled Feathers Field 3 6:00pm
Barksdale Fed Credit Union Family Pharmacy Field 3 7:30pm

Games against Castor (Wednesday, May 28)

7-8 Girls Grit & Grace Castor Castor 9:00am
9-10 Girls Bucketboat Castor Castor 10:45am
11-13 Girls Farm Bureau Castor Farm Bureau 12:30pm

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