2022 Weston High School graduate Eli McBride answering the call

When you are called, you are called. It is simple as that. The question is will you answer when the knock comes on the door of opportunity? You have heard many times from many people that they wish they would have done this or done that. Usually, it is from someone older who when thinking back on their life reflects on something that they could have done to better themselves or their family. 

In very rare cases that “missed opportunity” not only would have bettered them but bettered everyone else they came in contact with. Recent Weston High graduate, Eli McBride, wasn’t about to let the calling he knew he had on him go by the wayside. As result, he is already benefitting those he is coming in contact with. 

The days and weeks following graduation from high school are some of the most fun a person will enjoy during their life. It is also one of the most important as “real life” decisions have to be made.

Do I go to college? Go to work?  

In the son of Steven and Jeannie McBride’s case, he plans on doing both, only his work isn’t exactly what you would expect of someone so young. Actually, he has been on the job all during his senior year in high school. His job? Saving souls!

McBride answered the call from God to be a “message member” at an early age. All through school he showed by example those his age how to live for Christ. Now he is spreading the “Good News” by ministering in area churches. This past week it was the congregation of the Central Assembly of God Church in Winnfield who was blessed by his singing and preaching.

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