Water Well #5 expected to be back on line first of week

For the residents along Hwy 4 East of Jonesboro and Walker Road the news of Water Well #5 being back at full capacity can’t come soon enough. According to Jonesboro Mayor Leslie Thompson the wait should be only for a few more days. While some may still grumble over having to get by with low water pressure over the past week, if you only knew of all that the Public Works Department had to do in order to avert a major water emergency you would be very happy with the news.

“I am pleased to say that Water Well #5 should be back in full operation no later than Tuesday,” Thompson told the Jackson Parish Journal on Saturday. “I want to congratulate and offer our appreciation to Public Works Director Calvin Wortham and his crew for the tremendous and tireless effort they put forth in order to help resolve this emergency as quickly as they did.”

Thompson went on to compliment and commend the efforts of the town’s water department and their crew. 

“Our Public Works and especially the Water Department always gets a lot of unfair, negative attention,” said Thompson. “What most people don’t realize is that they have the task of trying to keep water transmitted through lines that date back to the 1950’s and by equipment that is worn out and well past their expected life span. It is almost impossible to stay caught up but for the most part somehow they manage to do so.”

“This past week we had a very serious situation with one of our main water wells. At first it looked like residents would possibly be weeks without water during the hottest part of the year. Thanks to creative thinking and the crews dedicated work, no one ever completely lost water and the turnaround was only a matter of days. They deserve a pat on the back.”


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