Jackson Parish Police Jury awards Clean Up Day winners

The Jackson Parish Police Jury met this on Tuesday highlighted by Clean Up Committee Chairman, John McCarty, presenting plaques to the winners and runner-ups of  the Police Jury Districts and muncipalities who turned in the best performances. 

Accepting the award for top Police Jury District was District One Representative, Todd Culpepper while Amy Magee received the plaque for runner up on behalf of District Three. The Village of Hodge won the first place among municipalities with Chatham coming in second. 

In additional action, JPPJ members Todd Culpepper, Lewis Chatham, Amy Magee, John McCarty, Regina Rowe and President Lynn Treadway agreed to adopt the budget submitted by the Jackson Parish Museum. It was also agreed that Ordinances 01-0719-2022 and 02-07192022, to establish a service charge/convenience fee on credit card transactions and establishing funding for the Jackson Parish Museum andFine Arts Association for 2022 would be voted on at the next meeting.

Henderson Road, Quail Ridge Road and C. Osborne Road were kept in the parish road maintenance system and the panel decided to not allow the state to use Owens Road as a viable detour during the time it takes for the state to complete work on the bridge on Mosswood Road. This was due to the states refusal to help in providing gravel to help keep the unpaved Owens Road up to par during the expected nine months of construction time it is estimated to complete the bridge work. 

 The meeting opened with Jamie Antley of Family Heritage Supplemental which is a division of Globe Life Insurance asking the panel to allow his group to speak to JPPJ employees about the offerings his company has. Board President Lynn Treadway responded by saying the board members would hold discussions and provide an answer at the next regularly scheduled board meeting that iwll take place on July 19th. 

Clean Up Day Muncipality Runner Up – Town of Chatham (l-r) John McCarty, Chatham Mayor Greg Harris, Police Jury Representative Lewis Chatham Not shown – Village of Hodge – Clean Up Day Municipality Winner

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