Jackson Parish schools file official appeal to remain as LHSAA”non-select” schools

Jackson Parish School Supertintendent has filed an official appeal on behalf of Jonesboro-Hodge, Quitman and Weston High Schools to stay designated as a “non-select” school by the Louisiana High School Athletic Association (LHSAA). 

Earlier in June, the LHSAA changed all three Jackson Parish High Schools from being classified as “non-select” schools to “select” schools. The reason was due to a new definition the LHSAA adopted of what a “select” school is which was as stated as being….

Select shall mean private or public schools that have a state or parish approved designation as a lab school, magnet school, with one or more magnet components, approved charter schools, parish wide approved open enrollment, state recovery-district (RSD)

As Jackson Parish is now an open enrollment school district, the three LHSAA member high schools in the parish fell under the new guidelines. 

The move by the LHSAA created a more balanced number of “select” and “non-select” schools in the state. Prior to the reclassification of schools there were close to 400 “non-select” schools in the state compared to slightly less than 100 “select” schools. Under the new guidelines those numbers came to be 211 “select” schools and 194 “non-select” schools.

JHHS, Quitman and Weston High was able to appeal the ruling based on a provision that stated that even though a school district has an open enrollment policy that any school that has recently been under federal designated enrollment guidelines may be exempted. It was only in 2021 that Jackson Parish was removed from federal enrollment guidelines. 

The appeal will now be submitted to the LHSAA Executive Committee for review at their next round of regularly scheduled meetings set for September 7-8.

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