Watershed Commission upgrades collection boxes at Spillway and Ebenezer boat launches

This past week members of the Jackson Parish Watershed Commission were at the Spillway and Ebenezer boat launches on Candy Lake where they upgraded the collection boxes. Mr. Gary Joynor of the Watershed Commission also made a post on his Facebook page on June 25th in regard to launch fees which is as follows.

In case you saw us out there this morning at the boat launches we were upgrading the collection box’s at spillway and Ebeneezer with new boxes and locks. We encourage our seniors and veterans to obtain the $5.00 life time mirror tag issued inside Hooks Marina on behalf of the watershed for launching at the Spillway and Ebeneezer sites. These mirror tags offer visual quick reference to the watershed, authorities or other fisherman the reason you our seniors and veterans are not having to paying the daily fee. Hooks Marina is documenting every mirror tag issued.
The 40.00 annual tags are ordered and should arrive next week. They will run June 30, 2022 until June 30, 2023.
If you don’t want the annual mirror tag then it’s 3.00/day at the spillway or Ebenezer. I will keep everyone posted when the annual tags arrive. Great Birthday gift, Fathers Day, Mothers Day gift. Thanks for your support of our beautiful lake.

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