Tenant expresses displeasure to Hodge Town Council

The expression of displeasure by representatives of Stick It Phlebotomy Inc. of the way their lease of the former Village of Hodge City Hall is being handled was the lionshare of discussion had during the Hodge Town Council meeting that was held on Tuesday. 

“We don’t appreciate being bullied,” said Karl Hinton. Office Manger of Stick It Phlebotomy.

The response was in regard to the company receiving a notice to vacate and the raising of the rental rate fo the building from $500.00 per month to $1,000.00 per month. 

Mayor Gerald Palmer stated that after speaking with the town attorney the notive to vacate has been rescinded. 

Sherry Hinton, owner of the company also stated that in moving forward that their company requests that they deal only with the Town Council and have no dealing with MayorPalmer who they claim has been dealing with them not in good faith. 

“We ask that we deal only with the town council,” said Hinton. 

The tenants also indicated that they had sent several letters to the town but have never received any replies. 

“I have copies of several communications we have sent that we have never gotten a response to,” said Hinton. 

Councilperson Martha Buchan recommended that in the future that all correspondences be sent by certified mail. 

In additional action the panle of Willard Willis, Steve Fox and Buchan agreed to move forward with condeming the structure owned by Roy Humphries that is located at 1108 South Third Street in Hodge and to start procedures to have the structure torn down. The millage rate of 6.62 mils for the 2022-23 fiscal year was also approved. 



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