Resident calls for action against Mayor of Eros

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I would like you to print this article to bring a little more attention to the theft by the Mayor of Eros.

There has been nothing done about the Mayor of Eros, Kelly Gryder, and the thousands of dollars she has stolen while in her “public servant” status. The La. Legislative Auditor sent the District Attorney, Danny Newell, a copy of the audit finding before the end of June. Here it is, July 25th, and still not a word has come from the DA in response to the several phone calls from concerned citizens of Eros. As far as locals know, she still has access to Town property, no one has taken her keys away, or fired her, or done anything to the thief.

You would have thought that the Mayor ($13,047) and the maintenance man’s, Brian Costin, ($10,464) fraudulent unemployment benefits claims to Louisiana Workforce Commission would have warranted action by some State entity.

Because the Board of Aldermen for the Town of Eros have not done their job for the past four years at minimum, the auditor could find no salary for the mayor’s position. In fact, the auditor could find no qualifications for, and duties and responsibilities of, or pay schedules for, any municipal employee of Eros, or the Chief of Police, or Aldermen compensation, or supporting documentation for any position in Eros, including any requirement that employees fill out time-cards, with actual clock-rings, that would allow a way to check hours of work, or see whether they have taken off for any reason. They found no files that almost any employer would use.

When the Auditor founds a check for $4,560 the Mayor had written to herself, she said it was vacation pay, stating that each employee of the municipality earned one week of vacation each year of employment. She, having only been employed by Eros less that four full years, could have, at the max, only earned four weeks of vacation pay. But the check was for ten times her weekly salary, meaning she must have had ten weeks of leave that she could be paid for. Where I come from that is Grand Larceny!
She claims anyone could have stolen the missing $28,088 from the Town utility account. This is the difference between what the records indicate were total payments versus total deposits.

She paid herself $350 Christmas bonus, and wrote the maintenance man a check for the same amount, claiming she could do this at her discretion, even though it is a violation of the Louisiana Constitution.

I, for one, think she needs to be on her way to prison for her actions. But as far as I can tell, the Board of Aldermen and the District Attorney have yet to do anything. They need to be voted out for failure to do their jobs. Who can help us in this situation? Thank you for your time.

Shannon G Morris.

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2 thoughts on “Resident calls for action against Mayor of Eros

  1. This appears to be the law bending the rules for some.
    This is theft in my book. Ms. Gryder knew better and knew this was wrong. This was monies that belonged to the town of Eros, therefore, should be required to pay every penny back or go to jail. She and Mr. Costin should be required by law to pay back all illigal unemployment that was obtained. If they get away with this, we haven’t law.

  2. This all needs to be sent to the Louisiana State Attorney General and ask him to intervene and take action! It’s clear the DA isn’t planning on doing anything!

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