Forgotten “treasure” discovered at Jackson Parish Hospital

It wasn’t gold or jewels that was located by staff members at the Jackson Parish Hospital but the “treasure” that was recently discovered brought back memories that you just can’t put a price tag on. 

What was located during the recent renovation efforts was a forgotten Cook Book that is believed to have been printed aroound 1987. Entitled Food Favorites of Jackson Parish Hospital the collection of cuisine contains cherished recipes from Employees, Physicians, Ladies Auxillary and friends of the Hospital fropm that day. Recipies show ways to cook meats, vegetables, salads, casseroles, breads, cakes, cookies, desserts and even wild game. Also included are household and cooking hints. 

“In the process of renovating the hospital we’ve come across a number of items relating to the history of this facility ranging from notes embedded in the walls by the origional builders to old newspaper articles,” said Morgan. “What has been the most cherised find of all though was this old cookbook that was stored away.” 

“The book had many of the hand typed original submittals tucked inside,” continued Morgan. “The range of recipies is amazing at it contains dishes that were served to patients to Pigeon Pie and ways to cook Oppossum, Ground Hog and Raccoon.”

Once found it was decided to give honor to those who were a part of the Hospital back then by putting together a modern version of the old treasure. Included in the new edition is the complete history of the JPH, now celebrating it’s 60th year of operation, including residents and public officials who were instrumental in the establishment of the facility in 1962.

Morgan went on to give special credit those instrumental in the creation of Food Favorites of Jackson Parish Hospital.

 Olivion Moore – Spent endless hours reviewing recipies as well as editing and typing the contents of the book.

“Cookbook Committee”of Montez Butler, Olivion Moore, Cherrie Young, Mago Maxwell, Sonya Sims, Phyllis Lowery, Marylin Walker, Kitty Fannin, Lela Mae Butler and Patsy Newsom who shared their expertise in planning the contents of the book.

Current and former employees, physicians, Ladies Auxilary and friend of the hospital for sharing their recipies. 

Wendy Walker for the beautiful art work.

Montez Butler, who conceived the idea of the Cookbook. 

As a way of showing appreciation to the patients who come to the JPH, when they are discharged, a copy of the cookbook will be given to each. 

“I can’t guarantee that every recipie will be the most healthy of foods,” laughed Morgan. “I feel comfortable in saying though that they all will make for good eating.”



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