Local resident shares enjoyment of getting involved in “heart”warming movement

By any chance, have you found a heart lately? If so, the folks at website, IFAQH.com wants to know about it. IFAGH stands for I Found A Quilted Heart. This has become a popular heartwarming movement across the world where people make a little quilted heart with messages of inspiration on it and either leave it anonymously at random places or pass them out. 

The idea was that when someone found one of these hearts it would brighten their day and hopefully inspire them to do the same. It has become very rewarding program to both the recipient of a heart as well as a blessing to the maker. 

Jonesboro resident, Debra Fordham, recently got to experience just how much of a difference getting involved with this program can make in someone’s life and the blessings that both the giver and recipient receives. 

“I love doing a little sewing/quilting and sometime back, I came upon the IFAQH site,” stated Fordham. “I really liked the idea so I made some up, put a scripture on each and passed them out to workers at the hospital.”

“One housekeeper looked at me with tears in her eyes as she read it and said, ‘You have no idea how much I needed this today!’ Fordham continued. “It was a blessing to us both.”

The roots of the project go back to three sisters who took a day trip to the Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada. While meandering along a trail the trio saw a little quilted heart lying there with a tag reading, “I need a home.”

It ended up not only finding a home but the perfect home for what the intention was meant to do. This beautiful little heart started a whole new purpose for the women; blessing others with the same simple act of kindness.

Fordham’s act echoed that sentiment and she hopes that others will join the movement.

“Blessings can be given and received in everything and everywhere, we just have to look,” said Fordham. “Even during a stay at the hospital!!!”

The experience has put on her “heart” the desire to see the movement gain momentum locally. To learn more on how you can get involved click here. 







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