Local resident concerned about Biden’s decision on “wall building”

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Joe Biden is building a security fence around his vacation property at Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Yes, he’s securing his beach house from unwanted guests, but doesn’t give a damn about American citizens that have been invaded by 1,295,900 illegal aliens crossing our southern border so for this year.

Because of his executive decisions, immigration procedures, reduction of Border Patrol Agents, halting the construction of our “border wall” and ending most all other means of securing our nation’s southern border, the citizens of America are being overrun by the unchecked thousands of people entering the United States from Mexico.

The cost of building this fence around Joe’s beach place is going to be around $500,000, paid for in part with taxpayer money. Joe is going to be able to lounge peacefully at one of his private homes, while most Americans live in fear, as foreigners from all over the world continue to invade our country.

By illegally canceling the Border Wall construction contracts approved by Congress and already paid for with taxpayer money, Joe Biden has threatened the lives of the American people. You cannot find a modern industrialized nation on planet Earth that does not control the entrance of non-citizens coming across its borders and entering its nation’s soil. That is, except the United States of America.

Here, regardless of their background and whether they have taken part in any type of criminal activity, without concern for the status of their health and whether they have any type of diseases that could put American citizens at risk, and without any rational thought about the cost the admittance of these foreigners will place on the backs of American taxpayers, Joe Biden and the Democrats have proven they couldn’t care less about the lives of the people they are supposed to represent in government and be working for.

Because his administration releases criminal, illegal aliens back into the United States, and his Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has removed the “Remain-in-Mexico Policy”, put in place by the last real President elected by the American citizens, the people of this nation are being subjected to the overrun of their communities. This is happening because the people who swore an oath to protect them have abandoned their responsibility. Those elected representatives of the American people are getting rich and securing their own welfare at the expense of the citizens who elected them and believed they would act on their behalf and in the protection of their lives and the lives of their families.

It should be clear to all that Joe Biden cares nothing about the citizens he is supposed to represent. The countless wars and conflicts Americans have faced in defense of the American lifestyle afforded us by the Constitution our Founding Fathers ratified, is being torn apart by Joe Biden’s corruption and the corruption of those he has surrounded himself with.

It is time for American citizens to enjoy the protection and comfort realized by having a wall around us for safety and to have elected representatives fight for American citizens rights, placing those rights foremost before considering any action regarding the citizens of all other foreign nations. Will America now stand against the tyranny and greed of those who were elected to protect us?

I pray we band together and remember how the actions of our forefathers made us the envy of all other citizens searching for freedom and I hope everyone wises up to the media’s pitting us against one another. Come on people ….

Shannon Morris













Shannon G Morris

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