Eros resident pleads for Jackson Parish District Attorney to take action

Just another note to ask if any people receiving this paper have ever gone through an experience like the citizens of Eros are going through now. An audit was conducted by the State of Louisiana and they found multiple questionable actions by the mayor and a few questionable decisions of the maintenance man. The mayor was unable to account to the auditors where almost $30,000 of Eros Utility money was.

She claimed a check for over $4,500 she wrote to herself was vacation pay, and paid herself for 10 weeks vacation but had only been working in the municipality long enough to earn 4 weeks. She gave herself and the maintenance man a Christmas bonus, claiming mayor’s discretion on doing it, although she couldn’t show them where it had been done before. She wrote off water payments that she, the maintenance man, and others owed, unlawfully depriving the Eros Utility account of hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

All these things were found by the State Auditors and turned over to the District Attorney, Danny Newell. So far, I and other residents of Eros have not seen or heard of any action being taken by the District Attorney concerning this matter.

This has us wondering why he would not act upon these unlawful acts, or at least secure the bank accounts and possessions belonging to the municipality, by having her surrender the keys to municipal buildings and property and removing her name from bank accounts to ensure no more Eros funds come up missing.

Does anyone know of any similar situation in any municipality in Jackson Parish, and the actions taken as a result of a municipal employee. The Board of Aldermen in Eros have done nothing. There has not been a monthly municipal meeting in several months where someone in an authority position could tell us how the possibility of more municipal loss has been taken care of, and the actions taken for the benefit of the citizens of Eros.

Any information of what should be done, who to notify, who can take action, anything that we can do to secure our community and it’s assets would be greatly appreciated. The citizens of Eros, thank you for any assistance you can provide to help us through this crisis.

Shannon Morris

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