Persimmon Seeds Say Snow for Louisiana This Winter

Everyone has heard many “wives” tales about various signs that indicate things. One of the more popular one is that if a groundhog sees his shadow it means six more weeks of winter and if he doesn’t it means an early spring. Another example is that if the cows are laying down, the fish won’t be biting. Then there is the one about if it thunders in February it means a cold spell in April.  

One that history says is more fact than fiction that helps to determine how bad a winter is going to be is the shape shown inside a persimmon seed. No kidding! 

For those of you who aren’t aware when you open up a persimmon seed there are three basic shapes that can and will appear. What makes it really cool is that each is related to the eating utensils of a knife, fork and a spoon. What do each mean in relation to winter? 

Spoons – We will be shoveling snow
Forks – Mild winter to be expected
Knife – Super frigid winds that will “cut” like a knife

Of course, this is not in any way a scientific way to tell what is going to happen but in 2020 the seeds showed knives and we had a hard freeze. The 2021 seeds showed forks and we got a mild winter. What are this year’s seeds showing?

In cracked seeds that have been documented from several areas in north and south Louisiana the insides were in shapes of spoons. So should we expect a cold winter this year with snow? Only time will tell, but don’t forget you heard it first from the persimmon seeds if we do.

Recently cracked persimmon seeds show spoons!

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