Resident wonders why no action taken against Eros Mayor

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There has to be a process, from the biggest cities to the smallest municipalities, in place for the removal of an elected official or local government employee after a State Investigation has uncovered multiple instances of fraud.

Once the investigation has shown multiple infractions of the Louisiana Revised Statutes and tens of thousands of State and Municipal money are unaccounted for and shown to have been improperly handled, why has the State not immediately removed the mayor and any access to the municipality’s financial accounts been sealed from her possible access? There has to be a standard protocol in these situations. Where is it? The fact that nothing has been done shows an alarming flaw in Louisiana Laws.

If a person came to work for you and money started missing, you would investigate. If the investigation clearly showed that actions taken by the person you hired to be the reason for the missing money, you would secure access to the affected accounts to stop further loss. You would not leave access to your remaining assets with this hired person and just hope nothing more would come up missing. You would not stop, with this being the extent of your involvement, or others would look upon you as stupid, and rightly so.

If an investigation has shown where your loss came from, and you do not implement changes to protocol to prevent it from happening again, you can only blame yourself.
If criminal charges are not brought against the person responsible, and justifiable actions taken against that person, then society is the victim.

he violator of your laws will see no reason to stop their actions. Have we truly reached the point where victims of crimes can no longer expect justice to be served? If so, then mankind deserves every step in the inevitable collapse on our way to extinction, for there wasn’t any intelligent life here.

Shannon Morris

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