Jonesboro Mayor Leslie Thompson Announces Re-election Bid

(Paid for by Leslie Thompson for Mayor) Mayor Leslie C. Thompson announces his candidacy for re-election to the office of Mayor for the Town of Jonesboro. Thompson has served as mayor for the last 3 ½ years and says that his record of accomplishments speaks for itself. He has prepared an overview of his administrations accomplishments to include federal and state grants dedicated to improvement of the town’s infrastructure.

Thompson’s administration has received approximately $5 million in grants for the town during the current term. Realizing that grant funding is essential to projects that impact the citizens of our town, he has made great efforts to network with agencies and learn about the opportunities available to the town and have taken advantage of those opportunities to benefit the town.

Many businesses have been attracted to Jonesboro during his administration. Thompson’s collaboration with private and non-profit organizations have created numerous jobs and opportunities for the citizens of Jonesboro.

Thompson said, “I realize the importance of housing to the citizens and am always trying to attract businesses to the town who will provide affordable housing to the citizens which is why I am proud to announce a $10.5 million-dollar senior housing development of 50 units which is scheduled to break ground in November of 2022.”

Jonesboro’s Fire Department has gone from a PIAL rating of 4 to 3, thereby saving dollars for citizens through lower insurance rates. New fire trucks have been purchased, turn out gear and other essential improvements have been made in the Fire Department. Public works has purchased new equipment for greater safety of the employees.

There have been fewer problems with water pressure and outages due to the upgraded equipment being utilized by public works. The town is going to a cash free environment as a convenience to our customers as well as town hall employees. The town is working hard to make improvements that benefit all citizens.

My managerial skills together with a well-qualified staff resulted in the Town being removed from the LLA’s non-compliance list. I am most proud of the fact that the two audits completed during my tenure as mayor have been unmodified opinions, absent of fraud and misappropriation. An unmodified opinion is the highest and best category that any municipality can receive.

Each year he has presented a balanced budget to the council and the town has operated within the confines of this budget. “I have worked diligently to make improvements to the town for the benefit of all citizens. I am running for re-lection so that I may complete the work that began during my administration and continue to make improvements to the water, sewer infrastructure and all other areas of the town,” said Thompson.

Thompson indicated “I have 10 years of experience running city government and will use my expertise and contacts to continue building the Town of Jonesboro. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice. I am married to Yoshi Chambers Thompson and together we have 5 adult children. I need your support to continue the work started during my administration. On November 8, vote Leslie Thompson for Mayor.”

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