Once my flight landed in Kansas City, I had to rent a car.

I had reserved my car months before the trip. I was expecting a mid-sized car. It is funny that rental agencies have categories one step above the actual size of a car. A mini-Cooper is actually described in their literature at a “mid-sized” car. By their logic, a go-cart would be an “economy car.” I had reserved a “mid-sized” car. I was not expecting much.

When I arrived at the counter, my rental counter expert was “Karen.” Karen was from Baton Rouge and we immediately began speaking Louisiana to each other. It is always good to find home folks when you are on the road. Karen pulled up my reservation and started giggling.

I asked her what was so funny. She said that the car I was assigned was a Mercury Grand Marquis. Now if you drive one of those, that is your choice and I mean no disrespect to your proper conservative car. I made some audible “oh gross“ noise at the rental counter. She said, “Yeah, you don’t look like that kind of guy.”

I guess since she was from Baton Rouge and we were speaking Louisiana to each other, she decided to do something nice. She said, “Let me fix this reservation.” A couple of keystrokes on her computer and she said, “You reservation is in space 31. Have a nice day.” She made sure I had a map to my destination and the name of the best BBQ in Kansas City. I was certainly going to take that recommendation!

I walked out of the rental terminal to the parking lot. I found space 31. Karen had change to Mercury Grand Marquis to a Ford Mustang! The Mustang was a convertible! There is nothing like pulling up to a preacher’s meeting in a black Mustang convertible. I enjoyed all three days of my workshop and driving that Mustang convertible.

When you are traveling and you meet someone who understands “lagniappe” isn’t it a blessing?

I think of heaven in those terms. Our faith in Christ gives us abundant joy-filled life here on earth and when we finally wear out these old bodies, God has some lagniappe planned. Heaven is one serious “upgrade.” I think Jesus takes pride in showing each of us that place He has gone to prepare for us.

Think of the greatest experience you have had in life and you have not even touched the joy that is ours in Heaven.

It is way better than a convertible Mustang at a preacher’s meeting!


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