Runners enjoy great day at WHS High School Cross Country meet

Weston High School and Cross Country Coach Cindy Pardue hosted the WHS Invitational this past Saturday, October 15th at the Jackson Parish Recreation Department Sports Complex. The day began with the varsity girls running a 3 mile race beginning at 8:00am followed by the varsity boys takikng off thirty minutes later. The day continued with the girls and boys of the 7-8 year old division running at 9:30am and 9:45am and K-2nd, 3rd – 4th grade and 5th -6th grade all following with one mile races. 

The Weston contingent was led by Miriam Shuler who took first place in the K-2nd girls race and five runners (Daniel Albert – Varsity, Aiden Phares – 7th & 8th grade,  Ariana Roberts – 5th & 6th grade, Kaine Stassen – 3rd & 4th grade and Cutter Whisonant in the K-2nd grade race.

Weston runners who finished in the top ten: 

Varsity boys
3rd-Daniel Albert
6th-Darin Allen
7th-Dillon Pardue
8th-Beaux Oliver
10th-Emery Caskey

Varsity girls
5th-Ariana Roberts
6th-Briana Williamson
10th-Betty McCartyJr. High boys
3rd-Aiden Phares
6th- Tanner Allen

Jr. High girls
9th- Brooklyn Johnson

K-2 girls
1st-Miriam Shuler
4th-Dreja Johnson
5th-Rylee Sonnier
6th-Johanna Holland
7th-Raegan Hall
8th-Elizah Thornton
10th-Khloe Hicks

K-2 boys
3rd-Cutter Whisonant
4th-Colton Haney
6th-KJ Thomas
8th-Jeremiah Jones

3-4 girls
4th-Aubrie Allen
5th-Landry Thomas
6th-Shelby Johns
7th- Justice Faulkner
8th-Raylie Hall
9th-Klynn Thomas
10th-Dajia Millien

3-4 boys
3rd-Kaine Stassen
5th-Eli Jones
8th-James Lewis

5-6 girls
3rd-Ann Pardue
6th-Elsie Flynn



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