Police Jury seeks your help regarding local internet availabilty

Attention Jackson Parish residents, please see below regarding internet availability at your home address and/or business. The Federal Communications Broadband Service has mapped the United States to determine if the internet is available in all areas, and also to see what the internet speeds are. Please follow the instructions below at your earliest convenience. This will help to ensure the FCC has accurate information.

“We need your help to challenge the new Federal Communications Commission broadband service location and availability maps. This is critically important as we eliminate the digital divide as quickly as possible! We need to submit challenges by the 1st week of January of 2023.”

The FCC recently published new #broadband maps to help determine how much federal funding states will receive to shore up gaps in internet service. As part of the mapping process, states, residents, cities, counties, businesses, etc. have the ability to challenge the accuracy of these maps.

The map shares where how internet coverage areas exist, the technology internet is delivered with (fiber/wireless/satellite/etc.), and where service gaps are perceived. However, metrics used are showing areas covered that might not be.

IMPORTANT: This map from the FCC will determine how much funding Louisiana receives. We can challenge/change this map, but it will take a strategic concerted effort across the state and through our networks. Our ask to you is that you share this information with your constituents, coworkers, neighbors, and friends and encourage them to go to the website to check to see what buildings are shown as covered. We need them to share their stories, challenge areas “served” that are not, and make sure their voices are heard.


Link to FCC challenge video: https://lnkd.in/g2Zz2SUD
1. Point your browser to: https://lnkd.in/gdecdqYb
2. LOCALITY: Type in the address and select from the auto-generated location options.
3. When the map renders, verify that the locator dot is centered on the correct rooftop.
4. If not, click on the “Location Challenge” link in the upper right corner of the map and type in the contact information, and select the appropriate Challenge Type and any documentation if available.
5. Click Submit.
6. SERVICE AVAILABILITY: Check the Provider, Technology, and Speeds available at this address.
7. If any information is incorrect, click on “Availability Challenge” and select any of the providers that are incorrect.
8. Enter Challenge or Feedback, the contact information, and you may either describe your experience or upload a documentation image or file.
9. Click Submit.

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