Mayor Thompson Publishes Flyer with Headline – Who Is the Mayor of Jonesboro

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The cover of the flyer reads – WHO IS THE MAYOR OF JONESBORO.

Then he leads off with a headline from KTVE announcing Democrat Leslie Thompson was elected as Mayor of Jonesboro. What he didn’t show was the retraction or correction that KTVE made. The mayor then listed some other accusations that he used to infer that the election was not fair, which he used to lead to the main reason to solicit citizens to sign a petition for a recall and revote.

Now in the Mayor’s headline, he didn’t put a question mark at the end, therefore, I guess we can make our decision whether it was a question or a statement. I decided that it was a question and made the decision to answer the question.

My answer is that Mayor Thompson you are the Mayor of Jonesboro until December 31, 2022, and on January 1, 2023, you become the former Mayor.

It is my opinion that you were asking who won the mayor’s race on December 8, 2022. Well, let me answer that question also. On December 8, 2022, the citizens of Jonesboro voted for James “Spike” Harris, as the Mayor-Elect of Jonesboro. It appears that this is hard for you to accept because Mayor-Elect Harris only won by 20 votes. Because it was so close you wanted a recount, which you got and got the same results.

One would think that this would have been enough for you to concede and extend congratulations, but no, now you want a recall and revote just because you didn’t win. Is it your intention to proceed with this until you get the results you want or is it that you are just in denial about the outcome?

An election is not determined by how many votes one wins, but by who has 50 plus percent of the vote. You are making a mockery of yourself and those who voted for you. You speak about winning and losing with honor. It is time that you do the honorable thing and accepts that you lost the election and move on with your life.

Also, to those who voted for Mayor Thompson, it is time for you to give your support to Mayor-elect Harris to help put the town of Jonesboro on track to becoming a progressive town. In addition, you should advise Mayor Thompson to get with Mayor-elect Harris to insure a smooth transition. The election is over, and it is time for us to move forward.

Finally, to anyone seeking public office, there are two things you should know. You can win and you can lose. Mayor Thompson, you lost. Be a man and not a sore loser. Extend the hand.

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2 thoughts on “Mayor Thompson Publishes Flyer with Headline – Who Is the Mayor of Jonesboro

  1. James u sound very very stupid yes the community wants answer because no the numbers wasn’t right u have so much input because u want to be the mayor if he lost fairly yes he could’ve went home like a champ but they cheated us so yes we want answers u want the mayor seat so bad sit down u didn’t do anything when you were in the seat and he can’t either

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