Jonesboro residents asked to help with “Walk Audit”

Residents of Jonesboro, your help is needed to improve the city! What is needed is help in identifying challenges that exist for getting safely from one place to another by foot, bike or wheelchair. To get started simply pick up a “Walk Audit” brochure at one of the downtown businesses, Jonesboro City Hall, Jonesboro State Bank, Jackson Parish Library, Mercy Medical, Jackson Parish Health Unit, or Jackton Parof ish Hospital. Please fill it out and return back at one the above locations. They will be picked up Monday, January 23rd. 

Pictured below is Chevonda Leonard, principal of Jonesboro Hodge High School explaining the walk audit to A’Joria Wyatt-Mozee. She said it makes her anxious to cross the street to walk to the Boys and Girls club. All audits will be reviewed and a plan implemented. 

Do your part and help identify problem areas so Jonesboro can be turned into a healthy walkable city!

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