Local Historian Brad Dison documents lost sawmill in Saline and NL&N Railroad

In 1905, the Saline Stave Factory in the newly incorporated village of Saline, in the southern part of Bienville Parish, Louisiana, began production. At that time, Saline was the last stop on the Louisiana and Northwest Railroad (L&NW). Saline was a bustling town whose main industries at the time were cotton, timber, and, later on, watermelons. The sawmill closed in the 1940s following World War II. In the same decade, the L&NW ceased operations. As a historian, I was curious to see if anything pertaining to the sawmill or railroad still existed. The current landowner gave me permission to go onto the land to investigate. I must stress that this land is private property. Trespassers will be prosecuted. Join me as we uncover the lost sawmill of Saline.

Brad Dison

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2 thoughts on “Local Historian Brad Dison documents lost sawmill in Saline and NL&N Railroad

  1. I live in saline and never knew it had either here. But I wasn’t raised here. I moved here in 2009. I am from a little town just a few miles away called Goldonna. It also had a lumber mill and train 🚂 b4 my time. My grandparents lived right beside the tracks. And my grandpa owned the log truck that caused the train derailment that nearly burnt down the town of Goldonna in 1977-78. It was right b4 I was born. So if u like these small towns check it out.

  2. Good morning Brad,

    This is brother Spud,
    When I was Padtoring
    Carolina Bapt Ch, I used to hunt just below your Grandfathers home going toward Saline…on the right hand side going up mill Creek on the right hand side…the old rail road tran was very visable..
    This was in 1980’s.
    There were the remains of cypress tree stumps that were monstrous.
    I believe could have been More than 8’
    High. ??? So yes there was a raikroad in that area….i had heard about a sawmil but never saw any old remains. Some old saws were actually
    Skid able, But Iknow nothing of it Son. Oh
    Yes I still pray fir you Brad and also Jeremey.
    Both you young men were of good report,
    Glad your interested in
    Local History……thats a good thing !!!


    Loving you
    Purvis an Mildred
    Rodrigues. 👍♥️👍

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