Rec Board approves pay increase for JPRD employees

All full time employees of the Jackson Parish Recreation Department (JPRD) will receive a 3% pay increase effective immediately. The raise was agreed upon by Jackson Parish Recreation Board Members Ricky Cash, Jeff Hairston, Brandon Lamkin, Rodney Potts and Sullivan Stevens at their regularly scheduled monthly meeting that was held at the JPRD Administrative Office on Monday. Brent Barnett and Chris Womack was absent.

The session started with the members along with JPRD Director Tommy Smith hearing from Gary Joynor. The Jackson Parish Watershed Commission (JPWC) Vice President provided an update on how the $12,000.00 that was granted to the JPWC through a Cooperative Endeavor Agreement with the Rec Board was being utilized as shown below.

$6, 370.00 – Partial construction cost for new Fishing Pier at Ebenezer Boat Dock
$1,750.00 – Parking lot restriping and painting of four parking bumpers at Spillway Boat Ramp
$3,060.00 – Yearly cost for rental of 3 standard portable toilets with one located at Ebenezer and two at Spillway boat ramps

JPRD Director Tommy Smith followed by providing updates on ongoing activities, programs and the golf course.
(1) Archery –  A shoot was held last Saturday with around 50 youth and adults archers participating 
(2) Basketball – The youth league that consisted of 320 boys and girls wraps up play this coming Saturday 
(3) Baseball/Softball – Registration ends this Friday. Late registration will be available at an additional cost. 
(4) Golf Course – 185 members are listed with 55 renting card shed space. Construction on new driving range ongoing. 

The session ended following discussion regarding a possible new skeet shooting program that is under consideration after receiving requests from many interested residents. The next meeting is scheduled for 6:00pm on March 20th at the JPRD Administration Building. 


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  1. I could and have run that concession stand ( a couple of others too) better and it’s been run since Kathy left Kathy was good Ms Ferguson was good and I was good and haven’t seen it ran any better since then

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