I saw a highway sign the other day that warned, “Mud on Road.”

Have we become so elegant that our vehicles can’t stand a little dirt? What are we to do about this mud? Should we slow down for the mud? Should we detour around the mud? Should we return home until a later date when there is no mud on the road? I really want to do the right thing as regards the mud? The ironic thing is that driving on that part of the highway, I encountered no mud on the road.

I know that some person in some office in Baton Rouge decided the state needed to purchase that sign and there are mud rules for having that sign posted on the road. I am a quite sure we pay someone for determining if enough mud is on the road to have the sign posted. This is the same mentality that demands we post signs before bridges in Louisiana that warn us that “bridges and over passes might have ice on them.” We paid zillions of dollars for those signs that are used “once in a blue icy moon.”

We live in a world of warning signs. There are so many of them on the road now that we can become distracted from our driving by reading the signs on the road that warn us to keep our eyes on the road. Have you noticed all the warning lights in your new vehicles? It is amazing we get into any trouble; we have been thoroughly warned in all areas of life.

God has given us only 10 warning signs. They are very gracious words of life. The Ten Commandments keep us out of trouble. They keep us from falling off the edge.

You know, when you are walking along the edge of a cliff and you see a sign that reads, “Don’t get close to the edge.” If you ignore the sign and walk over to the edge of the cliff and fall off, you have not broken the law, you have proven the law of gravity to be correct.

God graciously warns us about actions that will cause trouble for us; the 10 commandments are our “rules for the road.”

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