Terry’s Flower Shop changes name to Always Eva’s Flowers

Terry’s Flower Shop, located at 214 Jimmie Davis Blvd. in Jonesboro is changing the name of the business to Always Eva’s Flowers. Owner Terry Jones explained the reason behind the name change. 

Due to circumstances beyond my control, I am changing the name of my flower shop to Always Eva’s Flowers. I chose the new name in honor of my mother who first opened a flower shop in 1982 called Eva’s Flowers and Gifts and instilled in me the desire to have my own floral business.

Nothing else has changed. We will still be at the same location, have the same phone number, and most importantly still have the same staff that works above and beyond to please you and make your flower arrangements as special as we always have.

The reason behind changing the name of the business is that people were confusing my business with an online conglomerate called Terry’s Florist. This company is not a flower shop but a deceptive order-gathering service and broker. 

Their method of operation is to lead you to believe they are located locally where you’re sending your flowers and claim they are actually filling your order themselves when in fact they ARE NOT. Instead, they will contract with a local shop to have your order completed, keeping as profit as much as 25% or more of the money they charged their customers as a broker’s fee.

I have learned that many flower shops are now refusing to accept orders from this company due to their deceptive business practice. What is worse is that we are receiving calls from upset customers whose orders were messed up or even worse never delivered, who are mistaking us for them. These same people are also going online to make complaints which since our company names are so similar is causing our ratings to plummet.

I and my staff work diligently to ensure that our customers are pleased with their requests and our creations. I love being in an industry that brings joy to others on many occasions and also often times helps comfort those who have experienced a loss of a family member or friend.

To help ensure that your floral order will be handled correctly, I offer these suggestions. 

(1) Purchase your flowers through a florist/flower shop you are familiar with.
(2) Have that florist/flower shop coordinate out-of-town deliveries.
(3) If you don’t know a florist, when purchasing sympathy flowers contact the funeral home being used and ask them for a recommendation of who to use.
(4) If placing an order online always confirm that the address shown is an actual physical location of an operating florist/flower shop.

Always there for my customers,
Terry Jones



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